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SKIP BAYLESS DOESN’T LET HIS WIFE USE TWITTER BECAUSE ‘SHE’S MORE OPINIONATED THAN ME’ how to increase twitters followers Marshawn Lynch doesn’t give a shit about what anyone thinks — let alone the cast of blowhards on “First Take.” who has the most retweets on twitter So why would he care what they thought about an innocuous, reasonable criticism his mother, Delisa Lynch, posted to Facebook regarding Seahawks’ offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell? According to Skip Bayless, Marshawn should be “taken to the carpet” for his mom’s opinionated paragraph.Um, why? Because you say he should? That doesn’t make any sense. Lynch didn’t break any rules by having a family member with an internet connection, and you are only expected to protect your image if you give a shit about it in the first place. Marshawn Lynch does not, so there’s no reason to bother him about his mom’s social media activity. Alas, Skip Bayless controls his own public persona with the ice cold precision of Kim Jong Un and expects others to do so, as well.Skip made it evident that he holds people accountable for the opinions of their close family members, and in fairness, he’d hold his own family members accountable for ruining his good name were they to go rogue and pop off online. Even his life partner Ernestine — someone he claims to be more opinionated than himself. Wait, how is that possible?“You know Ernestine, my Ernestine? She has wanted to be on Twitter for the last two years. She is more opinionated than I am and she is definitely more knee-jerk owe opinionated than I am, and I just flat out said ‘No, you are not going to join Twitter.’ You’re not going to have your own Twitter site because I would be held accountable by you hitting send in all your anger and passion spilling over about something that somebody said about me that i don’t even care about.

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Stephen Curry fires back at Skip Bayless on Twitter

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors took down the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 6 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday night, earning them the right to be called NBA Champions. more retweets on twitter There were many of the belief that there was nothing that could stop this team from achieving their destiny like they did on Tuesday night, although Skip Bayless apparently wasn’t one of those people.Here is how Mr. Bayless tried his best on Twitter to downplay the run of Curry and the Warriors to the NBA title that we just saw play out before our very eyes.But the best part about this tweet hitting the internet on Wednesday was the fact that there was one person in particular that didn’t miss it, and that was Stephen Curry himself. And rather than just have a laugh at this nonsense at let it slide, Curry popped this awesome response right in there. so i don’t want to be held accountable for that. my dear, my darling. so, no, you’re not going to be on twitter because you would be hitting send, send, send. and i would go down, down, down.” Skip said about his wife…on TV.Before Friday's episode of ESPN's First Take even started, Skip Bayless took to his Twitter account to tease a special announcement.As he and co-host Stephen A. Smith proceeded to argue about hot-button sports topics such as Deflategate, NBA playoff action and hilariously if a 52-year-old Michael Jordan could defeat LeBron James one-on-one today — Skip said he would — it finally came time for Bayless to unveil the first person that he'd be following on Twitter.It was none other than Dallas Cowboys' star quarterback Tony Romo.Right then and there on his laptop, Bayless clicked follow to make it official. Bayless now has 1.6 million followers and Romo is the one person he's following.

Steph Curry Perfectly Shoots Down Skip Bayless’ Troll Attempt On Twitter

The NBA Finals and Stanley Cup playoffs are over so there’s not much to talk about in the sports world unless you’re Skip Bayless and manufacture bullshit from thin air. buy twitter retweets That’s how you handle a troll. In and out, quick sarcastic remark, don’t get into a long drawn out argument with somebody as dumb as Skip Bayless.Here’s Skip trying to claim that the Golden State Warriors got lucky for not facing the San Antonio Spurs, OKC Thunder or a healthy Cavs team during their championship run.You know what would make last night’s festivities really awkward, though? If Favre—who is 46 and hasn’t played in the NFL since 2010—decided that he wanted to come back and give it another try in the NFL. Specifically, it would be awkward if he decided that he wanted to come back with a team that the Packers still have on their schedule this season. It’s also incredibly dumb to think that Favre would even consider coming back to the NFL right now.Wouldn’t it be just like Jerry Jones to call Brett Favre and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got an opportunity for you here. Would you like to come and finish my season for me?’” Skip said today. “A week from next Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys play at Lambeau Field. It’s just a thought, but it’s a Jerry Jones-style thought, and I thought I would throw it out there, as crazy as it might sound.I know why he does it, because it creates more eyes and attention toward him. It makes his show more watchable, and it makes him a controversial figure.I get that it’s all about branding, but after awhile, it gets old.Checkout how Bayless went from thinking his Cowboys were going to win the NFC East, to all of a sudden receiving the first overall pick.

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