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Cinnamon samarkan bad breath

Cinnamon is a spice shaped bark that is commonly used as a flavour enhancer dishes or cakes. In addition, this herb is also known to have a variety of benefits, including reducing the odor does not foul out of the mouth while fasting. Thanks to improved it, cinnamon developed as mixed industrial gum, herbal medicine, and beauty products. Chemical properties of cinnamon is a warm, spicy, fragrant, and slightly sweet. Content of chemical substances, among others, asiri oils, tannins, sinamadehide, safrole, eugenol.

Recent research in the United States indicates, the use of cinnamon in the gum can overcome the problem of bad breath. Apparently the cinnamon is not only able to disguise the scent of tuberose, but that does not also contain substances that can reduce the concentration of bacteria in the mouth. To make use of cinnamon as a gargle, odor-causing bacteria busting quite easily. Simmer two cinnamon sticks to taste with water up to a boil. Once cool, the water can be used as a mouthwash.


Cardamom antibacterial that is cool

Among fans of the herbaceous, cardamom is famous as an expectorant while antibacterial. Some research suggests that the secret benefits that turned out to be derived from the contents of sineol asiri oils. Sineol that are similar, but not identical with the eukaliptol white wood, is more spicy. However, when made as a mouthwash, then the result is cooler. In fact, this material was used to make the fake pepermin.

There are two ways to get the benefits of cardamom: for treatment outside, hard-boiled or puree all of the cardamom plant parts. Then the water or dough-dibalurkan to the pain. For mouthwash, cardamom seeds are pounded and then boiled and water saringannya drink. Alternatively, the cardamom seeds are boiled with clean water. After Cook and cold, boiled water can be used for a mouthwash. Berkumurlah after you brush your teeth, after the meal, of course.

In order to get improved the most, usually cardamom fruit before use, stored in the form of whole aka not peeled. When about to use, Peel the outer skin and then take the seeds.

The time of fasting, the body's many shortcomings of liquid if we don't compensate by consuming foods that are full of nutrients and nutritious. However, many of us do not know that fasting should avoid consuming some of the things that will make the body become limp.

Avoid some of the things that can make fast becoming limp it need the tablets. In order to keep the body healthy and strong when fasting, it's good to avoid the following things:

1. open the fast without sweet

Many people think that breaking with that sweet are the main ones. In fact, any religion even medically is actually not advocated for breaking the fast with sweet loh. During this time, breaking with the sweet assumption that turned out to be misconstrued by many people.

If Rosul advocated for breaking the fast with dates in advance and then interpreted by a sweet food or drink, it's misguided. As it is, it could be food and beverages or even dates that is consumed by many people have contain artificial sweeteners are harmful to the body, thus different from the dates in the time of the Prophet.

According to medical, blood sugar when fasting is normal. If the current break is given a sweet food or drink, it will make your blood sugar shot up drastically and harmful to diabetics. So, do not consume food or beverages sweet directly when breaking it.

2. avoid sodas and fast food

Not only the time of fasting, daily, consuming fast food and soda are harmful to the health of the body, especially the time of fasting in which the body does not get the intake for 13 hours. Consume fast food and soda will cause flatulence and may result in vomiting if the body against the inclusion of these foods.
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